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But what the ACNA also provides is a safe and supportive forum for nurses who are afraid to discuss cannabis within their state and their health care organizations. The ACNA provides them with position papers they can bring to their states, as well as brochures and other educational materials. Access to a cannabis research data base is also in the works. All cannabis is medicinal. Our bodies have our own endocannabinoid systems; we make our own endogenous cannabinoids. However when we become deficient in these cannabinoids, we may become ill and need to seek exogenous sources of cannabinoids, or support our own bodies in creating more endocannabinoids. Cannabis is online weed sites a safe effective medicine with a low rate of addiction and minimal if any withdrawal symptoms, similar to caffeine. Ingestion of cannabis itself has never lead to a death (unlike many prescription and OTC drugs, alcohol, and nicotine products), and it is time we begin to move beyond the government’s ineffective “prohibition of marijuana” stance and take steps toward effective access for all adults.